About Nomos Journal


To increase the understanding of religion and popular culture by engaging their intersection in ways that are most immediate and familiar.

Near the end of 2011, Seth M. Walker and Stephen G. Wright decided to create a platform for scholars, writers, poets, photographers, and artists alike to explore the intersection between religion and popular culture. They noticed that other mediums (e.g., academic/scholarly journals) typically neglected cultural spaces that were not traditionally deemed academic and failed to consider the numerous ways in which this intersection could be analyzed (such as creative expression). Though academics by trade, Seth and Stephen noticed that solely engaging this intersection through academia restricted the unique representation of many different – and, oftentimes, much more immediate and familiar – cultural sectors. This bridge between the academic and popular spheres of discourse is what Nomos Journal (NJ) has aimed to promote and sustain since it launched in 2012.

Nomos Journal is an online magazine that engages the intersection between contemporary expressions of religion and popular culture. While most similar publications examine the broad interaction of religion within various sociocultural disciplines, NJ seeks to directly engage the manner in which contemporary religiosity pervades popular cultural artifacts and mediums. By providing an accessible venue for the presentation and discussion of these dimensions, NJ aims to increase the understanding of the role religion plays throughout society and culture.

Following sociological understandings of world-creation, NJ takes its name from the socially constructed “meaningful orders” characterizing the plausibility structures of humankind. Following Peter L. Berger more specifically, it is the intended “meaningful totality” of such structures that NJ recognizes as a continuously burgeoning front for religious discourse. “Every society is engaged in the never completed enterprise of building a humanly meaningful world,” Berger claimed many years ago. It is in this “humanly meaningful world,” and the popular cultural forms indicative of such meaning, where the focus of NJ resides.

Nomos Journal mainly features posts from regular columnists on staff, but also publishes brief and accessible articles that explore its focus in an analytical and critical manner. NJ is further unique in that it accepts creative submissions of poetry, original artwork and photography, and reflective essays, and features interviews that highlight individuals whose work aligns with its scope and mission. The journal maintains that some of the best explorations of this area take place outside of a more traditional academic approach, thereby inviting non-academics to help participate in making this area of discourse much more accessible and stimulating.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions to NJ must be original and must not be currently under review by any other publication. Upon submitting material for publication in NJ, authors/artists implicitly accept the journal’s Publishing Agreement and Terms of Use.

Nomos Journal is always interested in new and unique ideas for expansion and development. Please feel free to contact the editors via the contact form above with any suggestions or expressions of interest in becoming involved. If interested in joining NJ as a regular columnist, please be sure to indicate the theme/scope of your prospective column, an updated CV/resume, and links to any published work (attached writing samples are also fine).