Streaming Christianity
“Streaming Christianity” investigates the stories that popular film and television tell about the many variants of Christianity in the American religious landscape, and asks how these pre-recorded forms of media influence our understanding of Christianity in American culture today.


Loosely based on biblical narratives and packed with plenty of action, are the plots of Noah and Exodus: Gods and Kings more escapist, superhero fare than anything else?

Like Augustine’s City of God or Marx’s materialist reversal of Hegel’s historical dialectic, Fox’s Utopia plays on the eschatological ideal that a new and better world will come forth from the old. Will this Utopia last? Only time will tell.

The popular television show Warehouse 13 recently concluded its fifth and final season on the SyFy channel. This post takes a closer look at the series and explores the connections between the amazing artifacts of Warehouse 13 and the veneration of relics within certain Christian traditions.