Seth M. Walker


Seth has served as the chief editor of Nomos Journal since its launch in 2012. His particular areas of research interest include philosophy and religion in popular culture, new media, remix studies, pirate politics, and the religious dimensions of alcohol production/consumption. Seth is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Denver, writing a dissertation on remix theory and the study of religion. His work has appeared in Salon, PopMatters, various academic journals (most recently, Transformative Works and Cultures and Culture and Religion), and assorted popular culture and philosophy volumes (most recently, American Horror Story and Philosophy and The Handmaid's Tale and Philosophy). When Seth is not reading or writing, he's usually tending his meager garden, traveling, or making his way up Colorado's 14ers. He's also a connoisseur of beer and mead, and has been a homebrewer for several years.

Ariana Majerus


Rooted in Brooklyn, you can find Ariana exploring her local neighborhood meeting interesting people and listening to their origin stories, usually with a good drink in hand. Armed with her English degree, Ariana is a self-proclaimed bibliophile, and when she’s not spending all of her spare time reading, she’s collecting personal narratives to share with the world.

Brandon Chin

Columnist, Kyosei

Brandon Chin is a Jamaican-Chinese hybrid, and sees the world just the same: a mash-up of different stories. He spends his time asking questions through his writing. Music is his blood and he uses it to fuel his work. He is based in Fukuoka, Japan. Check out his podcast, Raw Japan, here, and get a free book of his at

Nyssa Hanger

Columnist, Lessons from the Stump

Nyssa is the owner and founder of Upward Spiral Therapy, a holistic healing business offering services designed to help others embody their potential. She studied creative writing with Gianna Russo, earned a master's degree in Religious Studies at the University of South Florida, has a license in Massage Therapy, and certifications in various massage modalities. In 2008, she co-founded the Open Mic at Cafe Hey to create a space where people could connect and have a space to be heard. She is working on opening her own healing center and sees her experience in academia, as well as founding a successful open mic, to be integral to the development of her business and her own journey of self-discovery.