Start a Column

You’re interesting in joining the team at Nomos Journal – fantastic! As you’re brainstorming and deciding on your column’s scope, here are some pointers and things to keep in mind:

Remember, our take on “religion” is broad. So, columns might revolve around the intersection between religion and film; religion and television; religion and popular literature; religion and comics/graphic novels; religion and art; religion and celebrities; religion and popular festivals; mysticism and popular culture; religion and yoga/meditation; religion and tarot/astrology; mind-altering substances/practices and popular culture; religion and online social networking; religion and video games/gaming; or religion/a-theism in the media – to name a few. But columns exploring meaning-making in digital culture and new media would also be welcome additions.

Please feel free to browse current and previous columns and posts for typical writing style/tone. Written posts are usually 750-1,250 words.

We would also be interested in creative columns that focus on personal accounts and reflections; experiences traveling around the world; columns that mainly feature artwork, photography, video clips, music, or uniquely include multimedia in some way; themed or sequential “webcomics”; satiric/ironic pieces; or even something akin to a Socratic dialogue! In other words, we welcome and encourage creativity and unique styles that may seem a little less “orthodox,” so don’t shy away from pitching something outside the norm!

Experience is preferred, though not necessarily required. Interest should be directed towards Please send an updated CV/resume and recent writing sample(s); if previous work is accessible online, include URLs (no more than two or three examples). Please also provide a working column title with your idea. If we move forward with your proposed column, we’ll want a tentative (and brief) description for each of the first four posts (the minimum commitment we require). You should hear back from us within a couple weeks, but feel free to send another message if it is taking longer.