Submission Guidelines

Please carefully review the journal’s Publishing Agreement and Terms of Use prior to submission.

Keep in mind that the term “religion” is rather elusive, and the journal does not adhere to any particular definitional understanding. So, while “religion” is inherently broadly defined for us, be sure to not take its use for granted – specifically in articles and essays.

Format Guidelines

Articles engaging the scope of the journal tend to follow a traditional format for academic pieces, albeit much more concise and accessible to a public audience. Thus, unclear jargon should typically be avoided unless absolutely necessary (and should be made explicit in those instances), and writing should remain coherent and intelligible. Tone leaning more towards “conversational” than “conventional” is acceptable in most instances. Embedded hyperlinks to relevant, reputable, and reliable online sources are welcomed and encouraged. In instances where source material might necessitate formal citations, endnotes should be used and formatted in accordance with the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please do not include bibliographic reference lists with your submissions; they will be omitted upon publication. Articles should be between 1500-3000 words in length, but exceptions can be made; pieces falling outside of this range on either end should be queried before submitting. Supporting artwork or photography, though not required, is preferred and encouraged; authors must possess either the rights to any accompanying images they submit or have permission to use them.

Essay submissions include all types of creative nonfiction that explore how you define the intersection between contemporary expressions of religion and popular culture. Pieces that reflect an original voice and style, preferably of personal narrative quality, are our favorites, but we are open to being swept away in any form you choose! Necessary source material or embedded links must also adhere to the guidelines above. Essays should be between 1500-3000 words in length. See note above regarding length exceptions and supporting/accompanying artwork or photography.

Poetry that is selected for publication will reflect the intersection between religion and popular culture. Works may also reflect personal elements associated with religio-spiritual sentiments and meaning, such as self-transformation and self-exploration, without straying from the mission statement of Nomos Journal. Multiple styles and formats will be accepted. We love engaging poetry that moves us and broadens our worldview. Exceptions for poetry can be made in terms of typical formatting procedures.

Photography might capture a unique manifestation of the relationship between religion and popular culture, or a scene that uniquely captures some of the same elements mentioned in regard to poetry above. Photographs should be titled or labeled; a brief descriptive passage is optional, and likely depends on the nature of the piece.

Artwork should follow this same understanding as well; thus, realist and conceptual works are considered, along with abstract and visionary/sacred pieces that explore religio-spiritual dimensions and the inner workings of the psyche. See note above pertaining to labeling photographs and providing a descriptive passage.

Interviews that are not conducted by members of the editorial team should be queried prior to submission.

Please use the contact form at the top of the page for all submissions and queries. Written submissions should be formatted as Microsoft Word documents (doc, docx). All original artwork and photography (and accompanying images) should be sent in medium-high resolution at least 1000px wide (jpg, png). If your work is accepted for publication, you will be consulted for any possible edits and will be understood to have already accepted the journal’s Publishing Agreement upon submission.

Please only send final drafts unless otherwise indicated, and include a 1-2 sentence abstract/excerpt (excluding poetry and any other extenuating instances). Articles must also include a longer, 150-word (approx.) abstract for use during the review process (it will not be published with the article). Please include a brief bio with your submission and indicate whether or not you would like an email address, website, or any other contact information (e.g., any social media pages) to be displayed with the piece upon publication.

Review Process

You will be contacted within 48 hours to indicate confirmation of receipt of your submission; if you have not heard from us within 48 hours, please send another message as a “General Inquiry” using the same form above. All items will go through an initial screening by the editorial team to determine suitability for publication and adherence to the journal’s scope. Reviews for articles and essays usually take about 3-4 weeks. In most cases, reviews for submissions of poetry and artwork/photography take much less time, and interviews are subject to their own unique time constraints. You will be contacted with a decision after the review period.