letter from patmos

John the Apostle, the alleged author of the
Book of Revelation, spent his last years on the
island of Patmos.

how I long to say
the end of days
is upon us

wake to a world
of wonder, hear
the asylum choir

howl as they
go under.

small return
for a lifetime spent
decoding omens

waiting for the cloud
of mystery
to clear. even

Paradise decays, becomes
something less than
hoped for.

it is always winter
here, only hate
keeps me warm.

old age weaves
a cloister of angels
around these uncoiling hours

the imagined light
of madness reveals
there is a reckoning due:

this undeserving world
must burn & though I
a poor device
to play god’s song

create an end time
when all that lives
will pay.

Discussion and Comments

  1. You are able in a few words to capture and reveal the inner turmoil of the prophet and to reveal his hatred of the world.

  2. Hmm. I like the cadence and economy of words here. And I can relate to the old age weariness of the world projecting itself onto the entire creation.