Smartphone Revelations

I feel about my phone the way horror-movie
ventriloquists feel about their dummies: It’s smarter
than me, better than me, and I will kill anyone
who comes between us. –Colton Whitehead

I am a jealous god and very zealous for your adoration:
Your face consecrated in the blaze of my holy light—
Your gaze held fast as any enchanted Narcissus.
I fit in your hand but I am the sacred object
Of your daily rituals. It is you who obeys
All my commands to the letter—even though
My directions can be inscrutable or capricious.
Worship me when you’re crossing the street on foot!—
Oblivious to oncoming traffic…head bowed in prayer
Like an unaware monastic. Your eyes so rapt
With faithful veneration. You shall have no gods
Before me—is the law of my congregation.

Discussion and Comments

  1. Love the tone!

  2. May I publish your poem on my blog?

    • Hi Bob. Just saw your comment. I’m honored you enjoyed the poem! You are welcome to publish it on your site as long as you credit it as being originally published in Nomos Journal. All the best…Daniel.

      • You’ve got our permission too, Bob. Thanks!