Nomos Journal Closes Its Doors

Dear readers,

As of January 1, 2020, Nomos Journal will no longer be taking submissions or publishing new material. It is effectively ceasing all operations.

This was not a decision that came lightly, but those of you who have been part of our readership for a while are aware that our publication and contribution rates have decreased substantially. For various reasons, the website is no longer something to which I can dedicate the needed time and resources to shift this trend. The time has come, in other words, to move on to future projects.

Everything that has been published on the website will remained archived indefinitely. All URLs will remain intact as well. I will do my best to make public any possible changes to this arrangement in the future. The website’s mailing list and related social media pages will go down shortly after the 1st of the year. Open access was one of the guiding principles of Nomos Journal since day one, so keeping the content accessible and part of the larger intellectual commons online is something I will not abandon even as the journal closes its doors. I do encourage those of you who have contributed content to the journal to feature that work on your own websites; please be sure to indicate original publication details with Nomos Journal if you do, however (along with a link to the archived site, if you’d like).

This project has been a great joy for me and an incredibly rewarding part of my life. It is not something I could have done without the support of our readers and the amazing editors and writers who have assisted me along the way. I cannot thank you all enough, and I hope as the project progressed over the past 8 years that it was equally rewarding for you as well.

I started Nomos Journal to address an area that I felt neglected in both mainstream scholarship and various creative circles. It is my hope that what began here has positively affected those who came to the website for either similar reasons or to consider its underlying critical aims pertaining to scholarship, creativity, and public intellectualism.

Thank you!


Seth M. Walker