Lessons from the Stump

In "Lessons from the Stump," Nyssa explores the intersection between the academic study of religion, personal spirituality, and her healing arts business: Upward Spiral Therapy.

One Friday afternoon, I was sitting at a red light almost home for the weekend when my car was totaled in a rear-end accident. Since then, I’ve been working to heal not just my body, but my spirit as well.

In my journey for reproductive health, I found God outside of Planned Parenthood. Here, I share my enlightening encounter with a divine messenger who showed me that we are all actually the same.

How the “family business” of aromatherapy has led me to connect more fully with the plants themselves and acknowledge the whole history of humans learning how to work with the world around them.

The greatest tool I’ve acquired in my business of selling and educating about essential oils came from the study of world religions. Guidelines for inter-faith dialogue offer insight into healing divisions within varying communities – even in the field of aromatherapy.

Religion attempts to answer questions of “Ultimate Concern” in a similar way to what science seeks to explain. We tend to think that science offers up certainty, but the closer we look we find that any certainty that science brings us also brings us more questions. I find that both of these approaches are reaching for the same thing and both require us to let go of solid footing and take a leap.

I consider my work to be a service to the larger community, and there’s a part of me that desires a connection to something greater than myself.

Anyone who decides to pursue a degree in Religious Studies becomes familiar with answering the question, “What do you do with a degree in that?” In this post, Nyssa introduces her column and explains why she believes her degree in Religious Studies is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her life.