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Does contemporary advertising create a world that moves us away from achieving the utopic state such advertising seems to portray?
After drinking a generous holy man’s Indian milk tea, a diagnosis of “Delhi Belly” becomes a life-changing opportunity.
In striving to become more mindful about the ways in which music can be used and abused, religious traditions offer a rich fund of counter-cultural wisdom.
My academic work, which touches on media, religion, and digital culture, is all the richer for having spent countless hours walking, sitting, and reflecting in the small oasis that we’ve come to call home.
Amid the haze of blues and greens painting the mountainous horizon is a sense of profundity and awe that we can extend to our everyday lives.
Like many people who decide to run, I started doing it to get into shape. However, running has also given me a chance to experience life in a very illuminating way.
Perhaps the most enduring and obvious statement of Islamic faith, especially by those in the West, is the “hijab,” or head-covering worn by Muslim women.