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I think something like a robot Buddha could make it apparent that there is more than one way to be intelligent or conscious, that just because something lacks specific human characteristics doesn’t mean it can’t be wise and enlightening. It could help us realize that we need to separate humanness from these qualities and do so without applying negative connotations.
I’ve carved out this sort of miniature niche in the world of spirituality, but I realize I don’t fit the stereotype.
I think if we start to think about it more as a practice and a way that we can actually be in the world, then I think we’ll actually wake up and be more successful at following in the footsteps of the Buddha.
Painting has just become a metaphor for the bigger picture, but it’s not just a metaphor: it’s a practice, a meditation, and a dedication that takes me into a space of contemplation.
I try to find the balance between the stillness and the movement, the meditative and ecstatic. It’s this lovely dance, and that’s the sentiment that I hope to characterize in my work.
Stant Litore is the author of The Zombie Bible, a series that retells biblical and ecclesiastical stories as episodes in humanity’s long struggle with hunger...and with the hungry dead.