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Is religious iconography inherently more powerful and potent when it is illicit?
Inspired by the Chicano mural movement that swept Los Angeles in the 1960s, these public paintings of the Virgin and other religious figures are evidence of the ways Latinos are reshaping their experience of public space in American cities.
An Anglican church near the village of Blackville in central New Brunswick, Canada, with a neon cross atop its steeple.
I see this painting as a depiction of the path of life. It carries us through our ups and downs, points of rest and clarity, and constant confrontation with mortality.
Through discipline, perseverance, and the right knowledge, we stoke the fire of our Inner dragon, empowering us to propel our dreams into reality.
Perhaps Jesus "taking the wheel" isn't just a figurative expression for some of these racers.
By introducing different ways of seeing things, art can open wide our perspective, encourage us to transcend our current reality, and ultimately lead us to understand a greater truth about who we are.
"If you come upon the Buddha on the road, kill him!"
Sarah Stolar is an oil painter whose gestural riots comport with themes and imagery from medieval art history, fractured fairy tales, mythic "journalism," and Old Master painting.
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